At G2BPro, we supply a large offer of quality agricultural machinery replacement parts for a fair price and the Jaltest diagnostic tool! Our 25 plus years in this business gives us the knowledge to serve the current needs of your customers. Our Worldwide network of suppliers gives you the choice between the high quality of Original Equipment Supplier parts to the competitive price of aftermarket products.

Granit Parts

As a major supplier or aftermarket replacement parts for all brands, shop supply and tools, Granit is a business partner of choice for all ag equipment dealers and independant repair shops. Quality parts, quality service, quality people.

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JALTEST diagnostic TOOL

The Jaltest diagnostic tool is the reference for accurate diagnostic of electronic systems in Agricultural, Off Road and Commercial vehicles of all brands. The Jaltest tool stands out by it’s large coverage of American and European made machines and the broadness of the technical information. Jaltest stays ahead of the competition by its continuous developpement of new systems. It is without a doubt the #1 tool of it’s kind on the market.

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For over 25 years, DISTRIBUTION BEAUDRY / G2BPRO is at the service of the independant repair shop, mobile repair and machinery dealer for alternative parts sources. Since 2017, our focus evolved to more recent machines with an even wider offer of quality technical parts and the diagnostic tool to support those newer equipments. 

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